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Escaped from Friend's Plantation (Animal Crossing esque characters)

2019.06.27 21:03 Lunaravenpearl Escaped from Friend's Plantation (Animal Crossing esque characters)

Lol. I had the craziest dream ever.....it all started with one of my co-workers at Ohio State Law School, Jamica, who was bragging about this huge "plantation" that she owned. She wanted a bunch of us to come to it. After that, there was this brief pause....then it got really weird. I was temporarily in this sort of world/consciousness where I had two different experiences that happened simultaneously, but also happened individually, at the same time. Each experience was going to this Asian restaurant with raw foods that had this "master" who taught us life lessons and how to cook food. The first experience was with my brother Chaz going to the restaurant and then with Jamica and a bunch of other folks. I left both experiences in the parking lot of the restaurant ready to leave.
After I had lunch simultaneously in one setting but also separately, my dreaming moved into another setting where we were at Jamica's "plantation." This plantation was in a secluded environment where there was a bunch of grass and hills, but then some industrial stuff around. It seemed very remote, as we were the only ones outside in broad daylight. Everyone kept telling Jamica that it was beautiful. It was a really normal environment, but I didn't want to be rude, so I told her it was beautiful too. She was like, "oh this property is worthless now. I'm not going to sell it, because it offers a lot for its use." We were introduced to her boyfriend, and then craziness ensued. There was this old House that she wanted to remodel, so her boyfriend comes out with this huge crane that he says he will use on the house. He starts chucking at the house, but every time he lunges at it, this giant industrial stuff comes crashing down from the sky. I now notice that above us is this big machinery that is set up like a factory. We were outside, but the industrial machinery above us was sort of like an enclosure above us. When this happened I tried to get out of the way because the industrial stuff kept falling on people. Everyone was fixated on the house, and was completely oblivious that debris was coming at them from the sky. They were just watching the house with big smiles, (Like one of those smiles wherw your teeth don't show) completely unaware that theit friends were all getting smashed with debris. The debris kept crashing down at people. At this point, I start running like crazy to get out. Jamica was running like crazy too. She leads me to this big industrial building. I thought I was safe in this building, but I discover that Jamica was leading me to where her boyfriend and everyone else in this plantation were sent to. I never really saw what Jamica's boyfriend or anyone else looked like. They were just sort of figures in the dream who were like types and shadows. We were immediately placed in this room that was dark, but with light emanating from each person, so that you could only see each person's body, and nothing else.(There was no light bulb that I saw....The light just sort of emanated from everyone.) Without delay, everyone was briefed in this big room. Jamica's boyfriend explained that we were all assigned tasks to do. Everyone, except myself, was okay with this arrangement, and started asking questions to Jamica'a boyfriend about how they would work in this new world/plantation. I pretended to be in agreement with the arrangement. Now, when Jamica's boyfriend thought everyone was passified, I completely booked out of the building. As I started running, I saw the parking lot of the Asian restaurant where I ended up in the previous dream/setting. The parking lot was down a hill outside of the plantation, so I tried to reach the parking lot, but I was caught and teleported back to the factory. I was brought back and being watched extra carefully. As I was being watched, I noticed a back stairway. I took it and as I was going, I noticed Jamica was going the same way. As she was going down, I tried to book it to another room, and as I went to this room that lead from the stairway, I started moving through the room. I began to just start sprinting, and as I was running, I was moving through rooms and buildings and then running outside, and kept moving further through rooms and land. I was caught again, and teleported back to a buding. Everyone was briefed again in that giant room, and ordered to remedial tasks. Everyone was walking around all wambly(like they were Humpty Dumpty walking around-left,right left, right, with their stomachs and neck moving back and forth) like the people in Animal Crossing. They all looked like humans from the stomach down, but had giant eyes like the people in Animal Crossing, but with X's as pupils. Everyone accessed their identification by convulsing slightly- light would then come out in front of everyones head by a hydrolic identification that would appear like a drivers license card. My hydrolic card said my details, and said, "date of branding, 06/2020." I was angry, and began convulsing. As I was convulsing, I began to run and move through the walls of the factory and then began sprinting. The plantation managers kept teleporting me back a little but I overpowered them each time they teleported me back to a previous building. I could see the parking lot in the distance, but it was a little too far to get away. They finally teleported me back without inturruotion to a building, and it was all back to normal as a slave again for about 10 or so minutes. I went through a back stairway again, and then when I came back, all the slaves were in a big room. Jamica and the slaves were all sitting cross legged. The slaves were sitting there with giant Animal Crossing heads just sitting there bobbing them from left to right, all happy and shit. Jamica devised a plan to get out. She told the slaves, "okay guys, I've got a plan to get us out," and they said nothing, and sat there with giant Animal Crossing heads, bobbing them back and forth. Everyone went one way with Jamica, buy jetted out a different way towards the parking lot, because I didn't trust anyone. The parking lot was like Moses reaching the promised Land..... I began running through land and buildings and got closer to the parking lot but I couldn't reach it because a force field kept pushing me back. It pushed me the other way and I kept running. Ater a few more minutes of teleporting through buildings, I saw Upper High Middle School, where my brother Chaz works. I ran as fast as I could into the school. Someone was consoling me about how a lot of people escape. Chaz came and asked me if I was okay, and I said yes. Then everyone went back to work. When they all left, I ran toward the parking lot, then woke up as I was reaching the parking lot.
I woke up with a dry mouth....I had to swirl around water to get my tongue wet. I had a panic attack for about 2 hours. Panic attacks are something I experience about once a month (I have PTSD), but this panic attack was especially gruesome. I was very dizzy, with vertigo lasting about an hour and a half.
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2016.03.15 05:39 Throwitawayaccount35 My fiance [24 F] and I [25 M] have been together for 6 years (engaged for 6 months) and her jealousy issues are hurting our relationship.

Hi Everyone,
So, my fiance and I have been engaged for 6 months and she is incredibly jealous. Since we've been together, I've always worked for my ex-gf's mom, this has always been somewhat of a sore subject between us. I make a very good living as a financial plannar and I've moved up through the ranks of the company during the time we've been together.
While I can see her side, somewhat, considering that working for an ex's parents is not really the "norm". But, I do not have any contact with my ex and haven't since we've been together, aside from the occasional run-in when she comes to our office events (my fiance is always present when this happens btw). Additionally, I've never had a past of cheating or anything remotely like that, completely loyal to her entire time we've been together.
For our entire relationship this has caused crazy fights where I seriously can't defend myself. She lashes out and tells me I need to quit, which I guess would be possible but would cause a serious dip in our standard of living. She flips out and says that she isn't worried I'll leave her, or talk to my ex, she just wants our relationship to have never happened. For example, tonight we were watching the Bachelor and they were in Jamica. Ex-gf and I went on a cruise there during the last year of us dating and my fiance FREAKED out on me, saying that I totally fucked everything up and I should have known better then (did not know fiance at that time).
Other issues of jealousy are common, she constantly bashes other women on their appearance and actually fast forwards the TV during nudity scenes in movies. This is strange as we used to watch porn together etc. for years during our relationship (always her request, not mine just so we are clear).
TLDR: Fiance is crazy jealous, but I don't think I do anything to warrant this? Other than the jealousy we have minor fights, but are really happy, I love this girl. She is attractive, smart and has an excellent job. How do I make her feel more secure?
Thanks all,
tl;dr: Mandatory summary/question!
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2014.02.04 21:54 lolcount Is Hanson touring in the U.S. at all this year?

Probably a dumb question but I can't find any information about tour dates at all this year. I've checked the TouEvents section on their site but all it says is something about a Meet and Greet. I'm a pretty new Fanson so I don't if I'm missing something or what but I already know I won't be able to afford a trip to Jamica or something like that. :(
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