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My (28M) relationship with my ex of 4 years (27F) is complicated. We are both involved with other people, but still talk occasionally and miss each other like crazy.

2020.10.31 04:39 rumpfedgoliath My (28M) relationship with my ex of 4 years (27F) is complicated. We are both involved with other people, but still talk occasionally and miss each other like crazy.

We met within the first 2 weeks of college, really hit it off, and ended up very in love with each other. Dated all through college.
The only thing that got between us were cultural differences. She is first generation american from a culture where near-arranged marriages are the norm. I do not fit the ideals that were required by her parents, so much so that I never met them and she told me that if they found out about us, they would "disown" her.
So we went through a pretty painful, drawn out breakup after college. Neither of us wanted it, but we just didn't think it could ever work. I met another girl before I was over her, and she met another guy who met her parents criteria and married him (all within a year of our breakup).
She calls me every now and then (this time it has been 10 months since the last time). We ALWAYS end up talking about how hard it is to get over each other. It has been 7 years since we broke up, and she's been married to the guy for 6. And we're still not over each other. It hurts. The guy supposedly knows about me, knows that she misses me, and is somehow okay with us talking. She has also mentioned how she wishes we would have just tried to make it work despite her parents, which was apparently never an option while we were together.
I miss her like crazy, and I know that she misses me too. I feel bad for my girlfriend and her husband.
What do I do? I really feel that given a second chance, we wouldn't let eachother get away again. I can't pursue a married woman, right? Not to mention my girlfriend who I am very involved with, pets together and stuff but no kids luckily.
Please help, is there any chance of it ever working out with her? Do I uproot my current life out of respect for my current girlfriend before seeing about it? Like I said, it's been nearly 7 years, I just don't see this going away.
TL;DR ex and I are not over each other after 7 years, but she is married and I am in a long term relationship.
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2020.10.31 04:38 TylerPurrden How long from order to delivery?

I ordered a Hero 9 and extra battery on Tuesday morning and received an email saying my order had been shipped that night. I know these emails are usually sent out prematurely and are just based on when orders are processed with the couriers, but since then the shipping has not moved from Shipment Ready for UPS all week long. I contacted GoPro support and UPS and they were both equally unhelpful.
Based on some research, it seems quite a few other people have had this same issue. So, how long has it actually taken for you to get your camera following your order? This is within the US too.
All in all, I'm honestly so disappointed with this experience as a new customer. In 2020 it shouldn't be this hard to provide an accurate estimated order fulfillment date and shipping date. I'm seriously considering cancelling or returning and just buying from Best Buy, if I even decide I want to continue to give GoPro my business.
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2020.10.31 04:38 spoiledsweet How do guys feel about a girl being selfish in the bedroom?

I don’t have much sexual experience beyond incest and trafficking as a child, and the sex industry as an adult. I left the industry this year and have started to reconnect with my authentic sexuality. For once in my life, I want to be sexual with a man and get nothing material in return. This desire itself is a pleasurable feeling. I’m curious to explore it more.
But I’m tired of pleasing older, wealthy men. I want to be pampered and caressed and sucked on like a lemon drop. I want him to be someone I’m attracted to, somebody dominant. I’m not into submissive men who act like they’re about the woman and are really about themselves. I’m not dominant. I just want to be satisfied.
I’ve never dated anyone for reasons beyond money. I’m confused about how to move forward. I’m thinking of paying a male masseuse because I’m not sure if guys are cool with how selfish I feel like I sound. I imagine the ones who say they are aren’t really.
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2020.10.31 04:38 loonygecko The Mystery History of the Smithsonian Museum

You just have to wonder what hidden secrets might lay squirreled away inside the Smithsonian Museum, but even just the exterior architecture and known history by themselves raise many questions.
An excerpt from the story:

In the end the half million dollars (plus interest) was declared missing and since the U.S. Federal Government had insured the bequeathment for the Institution, the American taxpayers funded it in the end.

Finally in 1846, after listening to years flowery speeches about how the money should go into construction of an Observatory, an Athenean College, an Agricultural College or a Library — all of which were dismissed — they approved the Bill with some strange stipulations...

Read the rest of the story here (this person does some great research): https://weewarrior.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/the-smithsonians-basement/
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2020.10.31 04:37 87032scott I lost a high stakes bet and I’m really humiliated / angry with him over it

my cousin and I made a stupid bet a couple of weeks ago and I need to tell someone about it, but not someone I know in real life for how it ended.
he and I are both interested in this really hot girl we know, and the bet was whoever can get her to go on a date with him could kick the other guy in the nuts 3 times. I only agreed to it because I was convinced she liked me more and I would get him. but she agreed to meet up with both of us, and his was first. alas, I lost.
so fast forward to the other night. not exactly the best night I’ve ever had. He kept his shoes on and 3 out of 3 times he kicked as hard as he could that I nearly vomited. I was so pissed at him in the aftermath and I can’t get this out of my head. Like I am just enraged when I look at him. I feel like he did me wrong but I also don’t really think I have the right to hold a grudge.
TL;DR lost a bet and my cousin kicked me 3 times in the balls. Don’t know how I feel about us right now.
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2020.10.31 04:37 brooklynelisemua Lila is the ultimate Shortaki shipper (next to brainy of course)

Lila is the ultimate Shortaki shipper (next to Brainy of course, maybe Pheobe, and Mr. Simmons)...
I know lots of people in the fandom have issues with her, but to me, Lila is an interesting character. She isn't just a nice girl to be in a love triangle with Arnold and Helga. In fact I think she was always rooting for them. In-School Play, during Romeo and Juliet when Lila makes Helga confesses her love for Arnold, she keeps it a secret. If she had a mean side she very well could have told Rhonda and the whole grade but she didn't. And from that point on Lila made it very clear to Arnold, I don't like like you. I just like you. I think the reason she never accepted any of Arnold's dates, was because she understood how Helga was feeling. She would never want to get in between them, and probably wants Arnold and Helga to be together.
This is my interpretation tell me what you guys think.
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2020.10.31 04:36 CorporateStairway My (M24) girlfriend wants to move in two hours away with her mom, what should I do?

My girlfriend and I have been dating about three years, and she's been out of college a few months. She recently told me she wants to move two hours away with her Mom, what should I do?
A few years ago, her dad died, and her Mom and her have been extremely close. She says that since she graduated college, she wants to move back in and feel like she's being taken care of again. She's excited to see her family dogs, and there's a place nearby she really wanted to work.
We haven't been living together, but I really wanted to. Shes intent on living with her Mom, and I dont know what to do. I could find a remote job out there possibly, or work odd jobs for awhile, I'm very serious about this person. However, I'm worried about drifting apart, even if we see eachother awhile each week or meetup halfway. What should I do?
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2020.10.31 04:36 pluggednosocket I stalked my ex and my crush. How do I go about seeking therapy and not doing this again?

I [M19] haven’t dated since my ex, people try to flirt with me and ask me out however I’m scared to get involved again. We dated back in 2017-2018. The relationship was really toxic. We started to bond and spend a lot of time together it was unhealthy. We broke up because she cheated on me. I didn’t have sex with her because I was really nervous about it and religious reasons. We cuddled and had intense make out sessions I even fingered her and played with her breasts. She left hickeys on my chest and I left some on her. So after I got over her last June in 2019. I tried to get into dating by making a tinder and bumble. It didn’t work out because I often got ghosted or blocked. I now have deleted it all.
My crush is a wonderful person from what I can tell. We have a lot of similar interests and I do think she liked me. I tried my best to change myself up and be good for her. I didn’t get her number or snapchat. So it sucked. We haven’t talked because COVID caused a whole split between everyone.
So yesterday I made a Facebook and added all my friends. I search up my ex to see what she’s doing and she is living good. I’m not hating but I couldn’t stop going back to her profile. I cried after seeing her face after a long time. I don’t know why I cried. It’s totally stupid. I then found my crush’s Facebook. We apparently have some people in common. I send her a friend request and then I found her school email. I even emailed her and requested her on ig. We don’t have any mutual followers. I’m now regretting my decisions and don’t know what to do. My crush doesn’t have her profile pic up. I feel weird and I hate myself for thinking emotionally.
I want to stop this from happening ever again for me. I don’t want to act under the impulse of my emotions. I want to check myself into therapy and I’m not sure how to go about this or what to say to the therapist person.
Sorry if this is broken. I’m typing under heavy emotions.
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2020.10.31 04:36 isleepinahammock How is the Authenticity of Ancient Gold Coins Determined?

This is in response to this story posted on news. When I see this story, this question immediately pops into my head. This single ancient and rare coin sold for $3.5 million USD. But while gold is certainly valuable as a material, the market value of the material in this coin must be negligible compared to the value from its historical rarity.
With financially valuable antiquities, forgery must always be a concern. But it seems to me items like this might be uniquely difficult to verify in the case of small gold artifacts. With most artifacts of monetary value, there are many tests available to, at the very least, confirm age. If someone shows up with what they claim is a lost painting from some Renaissance master, there are tests you can perform. You might take a small sample of the canvas and perform carbon dating. You might microscopically analyze the brushstrokes and see if they match the brushes of that period. You might carefully measure the depth of oxidation layers and other chemical processes. In short, a painting, as a physically and chemically complex object, presents many potential avenues for verification of its authenticity.
But what about artifacts made from nothing but gold? Gold has historically been used as currency precisely because it doesn't readily corrode or degrade. It is valued precisely because of its chemical stability. And a gold coin is also, physically speaking, a simple object. It's made from single material, one of an extreme chemical stability.
Consider a scenario.
Let's say some random Italian farmer claims to have found a coin like the one featured in the article. They say they thoroughly washed it to see what they were dealing with. They have in their possession a gold coin that, at least to the naked eye, appears to be an authentic rare ancient Roman gold coin.
One possibility is the farmer is entirely honest. This is an authentic coin. Some Roman aristocrat was wandering this same field 2000+ years ago, and the coin fell out of their pocket. It remained buried in the dirt for centuries, and then the farmer discovered it now.
The other possibility is that this Italian farmer is the front man for some elaborate forgery. The coin they hold is entirely modern. But with literally millions of USD of profit to be had, the forgers could use quite elaborate techniques. Making custom coin molds or reproducing ancient tools certainly isn't out of the question.
If this farmer tried to sell the coin for near its potential market value, someone would inevitably have the job of verifying its authenticity. How would that person even begin to prove or disprove the coin's authenticity?
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2020.10.31 04:36 ThunderVolt PSA: Seagate Expansion 14TBs now come with IronWolf Pros

The Seagate expansion 14TBs no longer come with the Exos x16
I bought 8 recently from Amazon and 2 of them were Exos x16, 6 of them were the IronWolf Pros.
The difference between them were the manufacturing dates on the boxes 06/2020 for Exos x16 08/2020 for the IronWolf Pros
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2020.10.31 04:35 QQU20 Should I tell him happy bday ?

My ex-bf and I dated for almost 3 years. When we ended things we said we wanted to continue what we had sometime in future whenever that was. After our break up he was acting different, I was the only one reaching out. I called to ask if there is still hope in us and he told me there isn’t. I was mad that he didn’t tell. Now I’m doing really good and I dont want him back or anything. His bday is coming up should I text him happy birthday? Or just go on with my life and leave it alone ?
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2020.10.31 04:35 ReasonableJaguar337 I left and Nmom sent me a letter

For context I am almost 25 yrs old and haven't been living at home since I was 17 but due to Covid I lived at home for a while earlier this year. Then things started getting pretty bad with my parents fighting constantly and Nmom "blowing up" at me too.. Anyway since then I left their house and haven't told them where I am. now she is calling me crazy basically and she keeps trying to contact me ( I am not responding). She keeps talking about how "worried" she is --- I have to remember that she isn't really! It is so odd how they are treating me like I'm a 13 year old who ran away from home or something. Anyway I really just need someone to affirm that a. this is not normal behavior on her part b. she's trying to hoover me (especially this part .. Anyway, your bedroom is there for you…like a shrine, untouched since you left. "Like a shrine"!? Seriously!?) c. I'm not crazy
(letter edited to remove some info)
I mailed this letter to you one week ago but the Post Office returned it here – so I am trying again now. Today marks [#] weeks since we last saw you. [[Date]] will forever be a black letter date for me; the day I called out your name only to find out you had left in the night/early morning with all your stuff. I know that both [name] and [name] have tried to contact you; everyone is very concerned. Please contact me or someone else and let us know you are ok. You mentioned going to stay with a friend – is that in [city] or [city]t? Please, please be in touch – we worry about you all the time. This situation is so surreal, stealing away in the night seems bizarre and I worry about your mental state. As I mentioned before, I completely understand wanting to live with a friend but why leave in this manner? How are you doing for money? Do you have a job? What have I done to upset you? I know Dad’s behavior is very hard to take so understand you wanting to move out.
Anyway, life here is pretty much the same. [Dog] went to the Groomer last week and is looking (and smelling so much better). Tomorrow he will go to the vets for two annual shots with two other shots scheduled for December. He is as super lively as ever and is patiently waiting for me to go on his morning walk.
I am reading my next book club book, (...talking about book) I am finding the narrative fascinating, such a hardscrabble childhood.
It was [Name's] birthday [on date] so unable to mail a gift I arranged for flowers and chocolates to be delivered, which worked out well. [country] like everywhere is experiencing big COVID-19 increases but where [Name] lives is very low risk compared to elsewhere so they still enjoy many freedoms.
Both Dad and I voted by mail a couple of weeks ago which was super easy. Didn’t vote on a number of the local personnel issues ….like Board of Education and Community College Board candidates as I don’t know these people and don’t think we should vote on them anyway. Wonder where you are registered.
I sent you a photo of the completed jigsaw. It was fun but I will take a break before doing another as I find them very addictive. It is still lying on the table – I will dismantle it soon.
Anyway, your bedroom is there for you…like a shrine, untouched since you left. Of course, we hope you will come back and at least visit sometime soon. On the other hand, when COVID-19 is over I can meet up with you wherever.
I’ll keep on sending you e-mails, texts, letters etc. because I can’t think about not communicating. We always had weekly phone calls or whatever when you were in [city]. Look after yourself and remember you are very very much loved.
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2020.10.31 04:35 mikspa14 How do you know you click with someone on dating apps?

I've just recently started putting myself out there again, and have a couple different apps. Sometimes when I match with guys I can tell right away it isn't a good match, but other times we go back and forth for a few days and everything seems great, then he just stops replying. I try to keep the conversations going and ask questions and whatnot but what am I doing wrong? Does anyone have any tips for dating apps cause I feel like I'm constantly getting ghosted lol
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2020.10.31 04:35 c-n-s The real meaning of being horny

I wanted to share something with you all, in case it helps others. It has revolutionised so much around women, sex, dating, and porn for me.
I have been separated for over 5 years. During that time, I've flip-flopped so many times around the topic of relationships. So many times I thought I wanted a partner, then I'd start casually looking, then get cold feet and sabotage my attempts. I had several attempts at going porn free, some with more success than others. But ultimately, I always ended up back using it again.
What I began to find, as time went on, was that use of porn would make me feel physical discomfort. I've said this before and will repeat it - I don't believe that was any kind of 'withdrawal'. It was a consequence of me doing something that was so far outside my truth that I couldn't live with it.
The revelation that I had, which changed it all, was that sex is just something that people do. It's not something that deserves to go on a pedestal, packaged, or promoted as an act in and of itself. Sex is the end, not the beginning. It's the final step in the process of responding to attraction and creating a connection with someone. For me, it can't exist without a connection. Yes, I know that physically speaking, you can have sex with someone without an emotional connection. But the reason why I felt so emotionally lousy after I had been using porn and fantasising was because I had been fantasising about having sex (a connection) with someone I didn't feel a connection with (the woman in the picture/video). That brought up all sorts of horrible feelings, which were akin to me having actually slept with a woman I didn't like.
If sex is the ultimate form of closeness and connection with someone, then by logic, feeling horny is my body desiring closeness and a connection with someone. It's not me desiring sex - it's me desiring everything that sex represents.
Getting past this roadblock has led me to where I am now. After more than five years of being terrified of being in a relationship, I have finally met a woman who is amazing and we are already planning our future together.
Others might find this helpful - any time you find yourself feeling horny, it may be your body telling you that you need to connect with someone. If you get horny when stressed, or sad, or angry, or whatever, all these are situations where connection with another person is beneficial. So the same logic applies.
Anyway, that's my two cents. Hopefully, someone else finds it as useful as I did.
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2020.10.31 04:34 hal08539 I (21F) am not attracted to my boyfriend (21M) anymore and want to break up, but we're in a close friend group that I don't want to ruin. Any advice?

TLDR: I want to break up with my boyfriend, but he's in a close friend group that I don't want to ruin. How do I do it without breaking ties completely?
Me and my boyfriend have been friends since high school, and we've shared a close friend group since then. About a year ago he told me he liked me, and we started dating. He's been so good to me, and he really makes me feel loved. I have bad anxiety/PTSD and he was one of the only people I felt safe with.
Everything was going well until lockdown started. In my country, there were strict regulations and we couldn't see other people from like mid-March to May. As such, I didn't see him at all during that time, but we kept in touch through texting and whatnot. It sounds bad to say, but I really enjoyed my time alone without him and I was dreading hanging out with him when restrictions were lifted. He's a little clingy and touchy (I'm the opposite) and I found it really tiring after being with him for just a few hours. I decided to stick it out for a few months to see if these feelings would pass, because I really do love and care for him.
For those next few months, I started to become more aware of the things that bugged me about our relationship. I feel like he kind of gaslights me when I bring up any type of concern. Additionally, he gets irrationally angry when we have arguments. I don't think I would consider it verbal abuse, but it really hurts sometimes. I also feel like he doesn't respect my boundaries sometimes - for example, I'll tell him I don't want to have sex, but he'll pout/act sad in a joking way, and then try to convince me to change my no to a yes. I have brought up these concerns with him before, but somehow he manages to twist it around and make it my fault for overreacting and being sensitive. He said he's working on getting less angry, though.
Because we're both busy with work and school, half of the times that we hang out are with our friend group. The other half is us hanging out alone. When I'm with him in our friend group, I enjoy my time with him so much more. He is such a great person, but I just don't feel romantically attracted to him anymore due to all of the factors listed above. I dread hanging out with him alone now, so I feel like we were meant to be just friends.
Once September and October rolled around, I started considering breaking up with him because of all of this. I care about him so much, but I'm really just not attracted to him anymore. I know I should've done it sooner, but I just feel so guilty because I know he loves me a lot. Besides all of this stuff, our relationship has been amazing and he makes me feel so loved and appreciated. I just dread hanging out with him alone now, so I know I have to break it off. It's really complicated because he's so intertwined with all aspects of my life - his parents love me, my parents love him, we share the same friends, we're part of a volunteer group thing together, etc. I feel terrible and I don't know what to do.
I honestly feel like I could just go back to being friends with him right now. I don't know if he would want the same, though. Because we're in the same friend group, how do I break up with him without cutting all ties? I really don't want to lose him or our other friends. Do you think it's possible to salvage our friendship? I don't even know what to say to him as a reason for breaking up because it's just kind of an accumulation of things. I really don't want to break his heart, he doesn't deserve it. Any advice you can share would be greatly appreciated!
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2020.10.31 04:33 SpicVanDyke Questioning if I'm the reason I can't find a partner

Hello there, usually would never make a post on a dating subreddit (my only contributions have been comments every blue moon) but decided why not.
I'm a 26/M living in NYC and working in the wine and spirits industry. I have been single for almost 2 years at the moment and have just struggled finding a partner. Since I've been single, I've gone on dates with around 25+ different women with lack of interest, not ready for a relationship, or them being interested in other people being primary reasons of it not going anywhere. I was told by a person I went on a date with that I am the reason that I can't find a partner and I've questioned it before but tonight was the first time someone actually said it to me.
Admittedly, I'm socially anti-social (I do social things but not with other people, usually alone), I'm incredibly reserved and relaxed in public settings (I don't mind talking to people but I don't like talking to people unless I have to, which in my mind is only when they approach me which is never), I don't find enjoyment in things that people my age typically love to do and I have what some may consider an overly blunt/straightforward approach to things.
I love myself and never change how I go about dating but sometimes I think I'm just not the type of person meant to be in a relationship, just someone who does their own thing and watches my friends and older mentor coworkers from the sideline who are married, dating, have children while I stay stagnant in my social life. Not being a pessimist but egh, it is what it is I suppose but maybe I'm thinking of things wrong? I don't know...
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2020.10.31 04:32 Confessing799 During COVID, I’ve Been Paying Girls for Sex I Knew 10 Years Ago From My Graduating Class at a Small Town School. I Thought it Might Make Me Feel Bad But I 100% Love it and am the Happiest I’ve Ever Been

** yes, this is a throwaway - I am from a small town and this will be obvious. Long post warning!
So, let me start by saying: I’m well aware that I am not an attractive man. I’ve always struggled with my weight (frankly, I’m obese). I try to work out but can never get into it, drink way too much, and generally don’t take care of myself. Up until the past couple of years my social life was basically non-existent. In high school, I never bothered going to prom, football games, any of that. But there was one thing I was always good at: I absolutely kick ass at math.
I grew up in a small midwestern town, and went to a high school with a graduating class of ~100. Almost all my old classmates from high school stayed in the same small town, and work mostly dead end jobs. I was fortunate to have the chance to attend an Ivy League school, then went on to work in Big Tech as a developer, then start my own company. At age 27, I now make probably 20-30x the average salary of the rest of my high school classmates.
But as it turns out, money doesn’t buy real relationships, and even though I now have a much better social life than I did 2 years ago, sex doesn’t happen. After losing my virginity one drunken night to a girl who made it clear she regretted it, I have only ever had sex I paid for since.
So this is where the story really starts. A couple years ago my high school had a reunion. I happened to be home visiting my parents, and one of my few friends from back in high school convinced me to go. After drinking way too much, I randomly found myself talking to one of the hottest girls from my class. I would have given my left nut to fuck her back in the day - tan, gorgeous, amazing body, and one of the most popular girls in school. She had definitely drank too much as well, and at one point started mentioning that she had recently lost her job and was hoping to get a new one or she might not make rent.
Well... the next day I thought it over and realized this presented an opportunity. I was able to get her number and texted her, reminded her who I was, and told her I could help her out with the money since I owned my company and might have some work for her. She was thrilled and agreed to meet me at her apartment to discuss it. I went over, and promptly informed her that there wasn’t a job, but that I’d pay her $500 to give me a blowjob or $1000 for sex. I could see on her face how torn she was, and after a couple minutes of her asking questions about what she would have to do, she politely said no. I left, got in my car, and then got a call - she needed the money and changed her mind. I went back to her apartment and finally lived out my dream of fucking her. She clearly didn’t enjoy it but I didn’t care - I figured we both got what we wanted.
So fast forward a couple years to May 2020. COVID has actually helped my business become even more profitable, and I’m saving tons of money by running the company out of my parent’s house after ending my lease (no point being in the major cities now when we’re remote). I find myself living back home, and the town has been decimated. Most of my old classmates are unemployed, and I get a text from the same girl from a couple years ago. This time, I didn’t beat around the bush. I told her we could meet weekly if she would do anything I wanted. She agreed, and I’ve been seeing her weekly.
Except, I realized that it wasn’t just her. I had been holding these girls up in a pedestal because of the status quo from 10 years ago, but now I was the one with what everyone wanted. I have the means to help them get through COVID and pay their bills. So I started messaging other girls. So far, only 1 has turned me down, but even she sent me nudes for money, so it’s only a matter of time. I’ve been able to use “allowance” to sleep with 7 other girls from my high school. These have included the homecoming queen, former student council President, and a girl who briefly modeled in Europe (long story how she ended up back here).
But it’s even gone farther than that. One of the girls desperately needed to pay off a lot of credit card debt - so I convinced her to let myself and 4 guys from from school gangbang her. Another girl let me fuck her then film her having sex with a 70 year old man. A third girl, who is married to the biggest asshole from my school, cheated on him with me.
The thing is... if you had told me beforehand this was going to happen, I’d have assumed I’d feel bad about it. But I just don’t. There’s something incredibly hot about the whole situation. The fact that these girls are willing to degrade themselves, let me do whatever I want to them, and the fact that I KNOW they don’t want to do it and still know me as some loser from high school but do it anyway... it’s incredibly hot. And the thing is, the way I see it, it’s still mutually beneficial. These girls are mostly unemployed, but each time I sleep with them, they get paid almost a month’s rent. They may not enjoy it, but they are still benefitting.
Tonight I’m finally expanding outside of my high school - a girl I worked with one summer turned up on a Sugar Dating site I use. I asked her out one summer and she said no... well, I guess tonight things are different.
To be clear, I don’t intentionally try to make this a bad experience for these girls. I’m gentle, I make sure they’re comfortable, and everything is consensual. But I’m aware they don’t want to do it. And I guess that’s my “off my chest” moment - rather than being upset by that, I’ve realized it’s the best part.
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2020.10.31 04:32 borpsnorp Advice with a girl

Hey guys, I really don’t know how to approach dating especially in college with covid. There’s this girl in my English class we’re always paired together for projects we always have good chats but I only see her about once a week when we have the class. I’ve gotten her number from the group project and asked for her SC. I snapped her but she’ll usually box me after 3 snaps. I don’t know if being boxed is a bad or good thing. She always compliments me and we joke around in class and always wants to talk. We never talk outside class I’m thinking maybe texting her this weekend asking about Homework or what not and then asking her if she’d like to go to a restaurant with me. Is that a good or bad idea? How should I approach this?
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2020.10.31 04:31 Cartoones Flirting help

Just had a first date with a girl. Shes a 22 virgin and never had a relationship. Later that day, I mentioned im at a party and we watched American Pie. She said she knows nothing about it. I said "you're probably too innocent for it😜". She said: "I'm not innocent!!!". I responded "mmm you kinda are though 🤔" she said "😱How?". So how should I respond? I want to keep this flirty tone but not take it to far because she might be sensitive about her virginity and never having a boyfriend thing. Any advice?
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2020.10.31 04:31 JaltonDames AITA for always blowing my friends off who live far away?

So I have these 2 best friends that used to live close to me (within 10 minute drive),one of them I used to hang out with a lot, but I've been very good friends with both of them for most of our lives. They have been dating for some time now and live together. They both have good jobs and their life is together (we're all 27 born only a few months apart) I don't have any of that. My shit is a wreck, I'm still living at home and going to school. Anyway they moved away from where I live now, and live about an hour away in a city that I absolutely despise. They've lived away for almost a year probably longer. I absolutely hate driving into this city and even being around this city. Its not like an anxiety thing I used to work in this city and drove there everyday and spent many hours of my life in traffic, it makes me mad just being within city limits, like very irritated and all around uncomfortable. I think they understand this but also they always try to have things at they're place down there like little parties and stuff and they always invite me. Now here is where the asshope feelings come in. I always tell them I'll try to make it, that I might make it and I always tell them not to get their hopes up because when it comes down to 0 hour, no matter how much I pysch myself up for it and prepare for it, I immediately shut down and just don't want to go. It turns into a thing where like I have to fight with myself to even make it out to my car only to call or text one of them and say "sorry guys not tonight, next time!" Now I have made it down a few times, and they are always shocked and surprised when I do. So recently they were having s party and invited me. Before this one of our mutual friends and I were talking and they were really talking up me going like "oh yeah you should totally go they really love it when you show up, you should go!" I agreed they do love it when I come out and I love being around them because they're my best friends. But again like always it came down to it and my brain just noped and I backed out. I apologized and said I felt like a dick and what not, but at this point I think they're getting tired of it because I almost never show up. So as we were talking I jokingly said "just move away from the city, it sucks anyway" JOKINGLY. And I think I may have hurt some feelings because they reminded me that they love the city, their jobs and they never gonna leave these jobs or the city. I got a little maybe defensive because its kind of sore spot for me. Yeah I feel like a fucking loser who is college for the second time and still live at home because I can't afford to move out, you don't need to remind me. Anyway I kinda sniped back with a "congrats, I don't have that, don't be disappointed when I don't show up because I don't drive in that city." They haven't said anything back yet.
So, am I the asshole here? Should I still feel like an asshole? Because I do.
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2020.10.31 04:30 tinkytink123 And this was the big twerp when he was a pup with his post dog park nap (well, play date nap really bc he was so young.... Sack of sugar.... he would puppy growl with his eyes closed if I tried to move him...

And this was the big twerp when he was a pup with his post dog park nap (well, play date nap really bc he was so young.... Sack of sugar.... he would puppy growl with his eyes closed if I tried to move him... submitted by tinkytink123 to pitbulls [link] [comments]

2020.10.31 04:29 windy48 Is there a penalty for checking out early with a HHonors reservation?

I booked the Doubletree in Vail, CO for a ski trip this December. I will be staying from 12/28-1/1, but the website only allowed me to book for 5 nights (12/28-1/2). I was able to get the 5th night free since I booked the room entirely on points, but I will not be staying at the property on 1/1 as I will be back in Denver to catch an early flight on 1/2.
My question:
Can I just tell the hotel that I will be checking out early once I arrive, or should I just check out on 1/1 to avoid any issues. I feel bad reserving a room, but I was unable to book the room for my desired dates, and I was required to book the 5th night for the reservation to go through on points.

TL;DR: Hilton website forced me to book 5-night stay with points, but I only plan to stay 4th night. How should I approach checking out 1 day early? At check-in or on the day I plan to check out.
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